Friday, February 12, 2010

Grooveshark: All You've Ever Wanted. and More.

Hey Guys-
today I'm going to spotlight what's in my opinion the best music service out there, unequivocally.

This group is the first to successfully figure out and model what the entire industry has been struggling with since the conception of P2P. No one wants to pay for music, or any other media content accessible from the internet, plain and simple. No amount of litigation, ad campaigns, or education can reverse the financial losses the music industry has suffered and will continue to suffer.

With this in mind-- Escape Media Group -- created Grooveshark, which has successfully modeled a legal, revenue creating, easy to use, attractive service. While Grooveshark is picking up pace quickly, their market potential is tremendous.
So lets get into the thick of why this service trumps everything else on the market.

1) Front End Design:
The application like interface of Grooveshark is truly incredible. The service is packed choc full with features-- presented in a way thats intuitive, and straight forward. Its so easy, even a caveman could do it...

2) Features: Grooveshark is far more than a pretty face. It not only allows you to stream almost any music you want at breakneck speed-- you can share and organize your music to suite your preferences with equal ease. This is where most other media streaming falls short. All for FREE.

I was able to aggregate my entire music library onto my account as quickly as I could search the artists. And if I can't find something I wanted from my own library- I can upload it! This means- no more bothering with backing up my music to my external, or worrying about storage capacity on my mp3 device or smartphone. Grooveshark allows you to have your entire music library floating in the most accessible place in the world-- THE INTERNET.

Another nice thing Grooveshark does is allows you to Beta many of their new releases if you're a "VIP" which costs a minuscule $3 a month--

Best New Feature-- A "Desktop" Grooveshark-- that runs through Adobe Air-- which interfaces just like your favorite music app-- you'll forget your streaming music.

This is the most comprehensive application of cloud computing for music I've seen...which is
where the industry is headed-- so props Grooveshark!


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